Healing of The Whole Being
Healing of the Spine

Many people experience a lot of pain in the body or in the psyche and wonder, what is going on. We are in a world of profound changes and because of that, symptoms pop up and want attention. An easy way to deal with it is to start to let go of a lot of old structures and programmes, so you will feel lighter and more in tune with yourself. Spinehealing helps to let go of old structures - they can be seen in the body as a twisted or not straight spine and different length of the legs. In an instant old blockages let go and the spine straightens. Can you imagine the impact on your body? The spine governs all the physical and mental structures in our system; it is like a big computer. How would you like to let your spine straighten and the legs have the same length? Have a look at the pictures and feel for yourself.

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Bettina Maria Weigel Andersen 

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